Being a teacher is hard work. Crowded classrooms, insufficient time to plan, mandated standards, and students with a range of learning styles challenge even the most skilled educator. That is why WGBH provides millions of educators and students with curricula, tools, and resources that augment classroom experiences, bolster inspiration and motivation, and help kids learn.

Digital media for the classroom

A treasure trove for K–12 teachers, Teachers' Domain offers more than 1,000 free, classroom-ready media resources from public television. Register for free access, and you'll find easy-to-use resources — including audio, video, lesson plans, correlations to state and national standards, and interactive activities — from Nova, Frontline, Design Squad, American Experience, and more.

Free registration is required to access the full features of Teachers' Domain, but feel free to test-drive some of our collections!

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Between the Lions on Teachers Domain


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PBS Newhour ExtraVisit NewsHour Extra's Teacher Center for unique current events resources for busy teachers: news stories for a tenth grade reading level, pictures, maps, video, in-depth lesson plans, stories written by students and more.

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