Radio: Innovation Hub

Do you love reading Aeon and Nautilus as much as you love listening to This American Life and 99% Invisible? Do you ever wonder how the x-ray was invented, but also think about what might replace it? Want to dive into the world of radio and podcasts at a show with a startup feeling, housed in one of the country's most respected public media institutions?

 Innovation Hub, a national, hour-long radio show from WGBH and PRI is looking for an intern extraordinaire. The show explores new avenues in education, science, transportation, medicine, and more — Renaissance women and men welcome.

Internship Description: 

We're a small team, and intern duties are varied – but there is ample opportunity to learn and grow. Main duties will include writing blog posts, conducting research for interviews, gathering tape, pitching story ideas, and other production duties. In addition, the intern is responsible for a lot of the digital presence of the show, including writing headlines, tweets, and Facebook posts. Interns will attend editorial meetings and are an integral part of the show.


Skills Preferred: 

  • Great communication skills, both written and verbal, required
  • Must be able to write clear, interesting, and accurate copy
  • Previous experience in media or journalism is required (college papers and radio stations count!)
  • Familiarity with audio recording equipment and editing software is preferable, but you can also learn on the job



You will gain experience working in a large fast paced newsroom.

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