Digital Services Co-op

The Digital Services team is looking for co-ops who will get hands on training in online content production, marketing and strategy and work with a dynamic team and across the Foundation. Co-ops should be willing to take on projects across all three areas: content production, marketing and strategy but we will do our best to align resume building projects with particular areas of interest based on need. Right now we are looking for individuals to:

1. Produce content on websites: working with full time producers (online/offline) to craft digital content for sites like

2. Plan, execute and track digital marketing campaigns: working with marketing managers to concept and launch online campaigns via online ads, emails, and social media

3. Research and strategy: work with managers to isolate strategy, technology, marketing trends and/or techniques to drive up awareness for WGBH and/or convert visitors to become members or shoppers

4. General administration: help with Powerpoint presentations, excel spreadsheets production, scheduling appoints, project management