Radio: 99.5 WCRB

Department Description:

WCRB 99.5 FM is Boston's only 24-hour classical radio station. WCRB is a non-commercial, independent, listener-supported public radio station dedicated to exellence in classical music broadcasting. Serving Boston and the New England region, it offers accessible classical radio of the highest caliber and operated under the core belief that classical music can and should be part of everyone's life. WCRB is a key community convener for classical music in New England, partnering with local arts organizations including the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Handel and Haydyn Society, Boston Eraly Music Festival, the New England Conservatory and more. Its online streaming recahes a global audience. More info at 

Internship Experience:

We are seeking an intern who loves diving into a project and getting every detail right. Familiarity with classical music is required. This intern needs to be curious, delf directed, patient, focused, and dedicated.

The main task for this intern will be a library oragnization project. Occasional shadowing/observation of on-air work, live concert recordings, and events may also be possible. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about a creer in radio, with an immersion into one of the most important aspects of the industry: a functional library.

Schools/Programs/Majors Desired:

Berklee, New England Conservatory, Boston Conservatory, Emerson, or a music major from any other college or university.

Additionnal Comment / Notes or Other Requirements:

Please include in your cover letter an example of a project you've worked on in which attention to detail was crucial. Also please describe your music background.