Forum Network Communications

About WGBH Forum Network

WGBH Forum Network is a place for a budding digital producer to present some of the best work public media has to offer. The Forum's work capitalizes on the strength WGBH has established in broadcast media, and connects that power to long form content on the web and through various social media platforms. We strive to reach new audiences and reflect the zeitgeist, inspiring in our audience a new appetite for life-long learning through digital media presented to enlighten, inspire and educate.


WGBH's Forum Network serves the public with free, online access to video recordings of lectures and presentations by the world's foremost scholars, authors, artists, scientists, policymakers and community leaders. Previous speakers include authors Stephen King, Isabel Allende, technologist Andrew McAfee and photographer Annie Leibovitz.


Why Intern for WGBH’s Forum Network?

Spending a semester with the Forum team will prepare you as a multimedia producer ready to work in most communications or journalism organizations. Learn to record, edit, publish and distribute video content. Hone your camera and editing skills, as well as your online communication and writing skills. Help WGBH Forum Network meet its ultimate goal: to connect online learners to relevant, primary source interviews and lectures.

The Forum Network desk is situated within WGBH News, where interns have access to reporters, editors and producers. We encourage you to ask questions, pitch ideas and seek out advice.

Communications Intern

A Communications intern learns to produce and edit content to post online, culling from incoming and archived lectures recorded around Boston. Write for our email, work on social media campaigns and pitch/write online articles for  

Skills Preferred

  • enthusiasm to create digital media (video and photo editing software a plus)
  • savvy with social media
  • have a taste for consuming news and for learning online