Radio: On Campus

On Campus is exploring important trends emerging in America’s higher education system. Our goal is to explore topics and ideas in a meaningful and entertaining manner that can engage and inform both a general audience and one already deeply involved with higher education. 

Internship Description: 

Working in the WGBH Newsroom, you will assist in the production of WGBH’s On Campus higher education coverage.

  • Managing WGBH’s On Campus social media Posting frequently to Twitter 
  • Researching specific higher education story ideas
  • Logging tape and pulling sound for stories
  • Recording sound in the field and making calls to newsmakers to arrange interviews 
  • Managing SoundCloud 


Skills Preferred: 

  • Must be skilled in Mac-based software including Microsoft Word, web browsers including Firefox
  • Must be able to write clear, accurate news copy
  • Familiarity with audio recording equipment and editing software is desired



You will gain experience working in a fast paced newsroom.