TV Production Internships

“It has been an amazing experience to be so involved and see how my work is put into action. I had the opportunity to sit in a Simply Ming meeting where we completely reconstructed the show for season nine. Also, chefs that I proposed to feature will actually be in the program!” – Lifestyle Unit Intern

Masterpiece (Downton Abbey! Sherlock!) ... Antiques Roadshow (the most-watched show on PBS) ... Curious George (tops in TV for the two-to-five set). WGBH is a mecca of television production, programs “produced in Boston, shared with the world”—and shared with the interns who help make them happen. We’re the #1 producer for PBS, and a slate of productions geared to New England-area viewers keep our studios hopping. As an intern on one of our TV productions, you might focus on research, writing, or studio prep ... or help welcome one of the hundreds of newsmakers and talents who stop by for an interview or a music session.

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Internship Opportunities
Antiques Roadshow: Production
Basic Black
Children's Programming
Frontline: Editorial
Frontline: Post-Production
Frontline: TV Production
Greater Boston
On-Air Fundraising and Marketing (TV Pledge Production)
Open Studio with Jared Bowen
Sing That Thing!
Studio Six: Lifestyle
Studio Six: National Content Development
World Channel