Journalism Internships

“Interning with Frontline was an incredible opportunity—and incredibly educational! I was inspired by the drive and commitment of the staff on a daily basis. The content is real, objective, and shared with integrity.” – FRONTLINE Intern

In-depth, independent reporting. Unbiased analysis and perspective. Diverse points of view. WGBH is a champion for journalism that matters: objective, thorough, expansive news and public affairs programming that tackles head-on the most important issues of our time. FRONTLINE, Greater Boston, The World, 89.7 WGBH ... we take on the tough subjects and ask the tough questions, bringing audiences a caliber of journalism rarely found through commercial media outlets. Journalism interns at WGBH are exposed to the fast pace of a newsroom and the thrum of a world-class production headquarters. You’ll learn from the best of the best as you contribute your own ideas and approaches.

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Internship Opportunities
Forum Network Communications
Forum Network Field Recording Video
Frontline: Editorial
Greater Boston
News Digital
NOVA: Broadcast Research
NOVA: Digital Video
NOVA: Next Digital Editorial
Radio: Innovation Hub
Radio: News
Radio: News State House
Radio: On Campus
Radio:New England Center for Investigative Reporting