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Google Celebrates Julia Child with a Doodle

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Google Doodle for Julia Child (Dennis Hwang; 8/15/2012)

Today's the big day: Julia Child would have celebrated her 100th birthday. Google offers up a doodle featuring Julia in her natural habitat — behind that kitchen counter loaded with the delicious goodies she's going to teach us how to prepare.

WGBH is celebrating our First Lady of the Kitchen all this month with photos, tributes and great stuff from our extensive archives. Be sure to check out the audio slideshow we've posted today about Julia and the team from The French Chef traversing France to document artisinal foodmaking techniques.

We know Julia means something special to everyone who fell in love with her on the television screen, her cookbooks, or perhaps more recently by watching our Julia Child Video Remix. Pastry Chef Joanne Chang says there is definitely a little bit of Julia in her bakery, Flour, and WGBH's Jared Bowen makes much better scrambled eggs thanks to a special visit to Julia's kitchen.

We'd love to hear your tribute to Julia in our comments, on our Facebook page or on Twitter. We'd also like to have your best phrase for our Julia Child photo caption contest. Give it a try!

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About Julia Child 100

Cooking legend Julia Child introduced French cuisine to American cooks in 1963 with WGBH’s pioneering television series, The French Chef. She was passionate about food and she changed the way Americans cook and eat. Find new pieces about Julia here every day — from tributes to early programs to cooking tips and recipes. As Julia herself said, "Bon appétit!"

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