Nazi Mega Weapons: U-Boat Base

To create a haven in port for their lethal U-boat submarines, the Nazis built massive, impenetrable concrete submarine pens.

Thursday at 9pm on WGBX 44



Is Boston Doing Enough to Preserve Its Landmarks?

Boston is full of structures that reflect our rich history, yet it's also known for demolishing whole neighborhoods in the name of urban improvement.



Empire of Dreams

See how the American population is reshaped by Latino immigration from 1880 to the 1940s.

Thursday at 8pm on WGBH World



Eat! Drink! Italy!

Take a fast-paced tour of Italy’s food and wine scene, from the Alps to the southern shores of Sicily. Host Vic Rallo may show you a cheese cave that was once a Mussolini bunker, go hunting for the elusive white truffle, or explore Napoleon’s wine tunnels.

Weeknights on WGBH Create


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CD of the Week

Benjamin Grosvenor's Dances

The British pianist's newest recording combines crystalline interpretations of music by Bach and Chopin with rarely heard gems by Morton Gould, Adolf Schulz-Evler, and more.

All week on 99.5 WCRB


Sesame Street: 45th Season Premiere

The new season offers a bright, updated look, along with favorite characters in laugh-out-loud segments, lots of can't-sit-still music, and a jam-packed celebrity lineup that includes Sir Ian McKellen, Janelle Monae, and Tina Fey.

Monday at 10am on WGBH 2


The Roosevelts: Get Action (1858-1901)

Part 1: A frail, asthmatic young Theodore Roosevelt rises like a rocket to become the youngest president in American history at 42. Meanwhile, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, brought up as the pampered only child of adoring parents, follows his older cousin’s career with fascination.

The Bach Hour

Fleisher's Chaconne

Pianist Leon Fleisher performs Bach's Chaconne as re-imagined by Brahms, and Ton Koopman conducts the Cantata No. 33 (translation).

On-demand at WCRB online


The Roosevelts: An Intimate History

Ken Burns’s seven-part documentary weaves the stories of Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt. The 14-hour series marks the first time their individual stories have been woven into a single narrative.

Sunday-Saturday from 8-10pm on WGBH 2

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