Beethoven: New Discoveries and Fond Farewells, Part I

CLASSICAL MUSIC/99.5 Live from Fraser (Audio)

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Classical New England throws a birthday party for Beethoven, with some of the most delicate, beautiful, and touching music the composer wrote.

On Part I of the program:

Equale for Trombone Quartet, WoO30, No. 1
Ron Barron, Greg Spiridopoulos, Don Lucas, Gabe Langfur, trombones

Sonata in F for Horn and Piano, Op. 17
William Purvis, horn; Mihae Lee, piano

Three Irish and Welsh Songs:

  • Cupid's Kindness, WoO 155 No. 2
  • The Kiss, Dear Maid, Thy Lip Has Left, WoO 153, No. 9
  • Come Draw We Round the Cheerful Ring,  WoO 152 No. 8

William Hite, Tenor; Gilles Vonsattel, piano; Brian Howard, cello; Bryce Milano, mandolin

Sonatina in C for Mandolin & fortepiano, WoO 44a
Adagio in E flat  for Mandolin & fortepiano, WoO 43b
Bryce Milano, mandolin; Sylvia Berry, Fortepiano