Amarcord Sings Elgar, Schumann, Steinacker, and Mendelssohn

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The vocal ensemble Amarcord sings music by Elgar, Schumann, Steinacker, and Mendelssohn on this week’s podcast.
Edward Elgar: Five Partsongs from the Greek Anthology, Op. 45
Robert Schumann: 6 Lieder fur vierstimmigen Mannerchor, Op. 33: Die Minnesanger
Carl Steinacker: 7 Gesange fur Mannerstimmen Op. 11: An den Mond
Felix Mendelssohn: 6 Lieder fur vierstimmigen Mannerchor Op. 50: Liebe und Wein
Recorded at WGBH’s Fraser Performance Studio on April 4, 2011.
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