The Boston Camerata

CLASSICAL MUSIC/99.5 Drive Time Live

A production of  

Trad. Shaker - All Glean with Care
Wiliam Billings - Africa

Jeremiah Ingalls - The Swiftness of Time
Anonymous - Gloom of Autumn
Jeremiah Ingalls - Harvest Hymn
Elisha West - Evening Hymn

Anonymous - Hattfield
Anonymous - Edom
Anonymous - Ocean
Anonymous - Captain Robert Kidd
Anonymous - The Spiritual Sailor

Trad. Shaker - Verdant Grove
Trad. Shaker - Little Dove
Trad. Shaker - Pensive Dove
Trad. Shaker - Mourning Dove
Anonymous - Cookham

Trad. Shaker - Behold the Day
Trad. Shaker, Eldress Mary Ann H, 1893 - The Angels Reapers
Anon. - Honor to the Hills

Boston Camerata (Anne Azema, soprano; Anne Harley, soprano; Deborah Rentz-Moore, alto; Daniel Hershey, tenor; Don Wilkinson, bass-baritone; Michael Barrett, tenor)
Choral Fellows of the Harvard University Choir
Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra

Memorial Church, Harvard University 10/28/2012