Pod Life: Inside the Barnstable County Jail


PART I: Old vs. New

The Barnstable House of Corrections in Bourne is the newest jail built in Massachusetts. Inmates were transfered to this new 'direct supervision' jail from the old Barnstable jail on October 4, 2004.

listen Radio Story (5:20)

The Old Jail

Photo Gallery of New Jail

listen Inmate Interview (6:14)
listen Sheriff Cummings on 'direct supervision' (1:26)


PART II: Group Therapy

The women's RSAT (Residential Substance Abuse Treatment) program combines military discipline with cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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RSAT Photo Gallery

Reporter's Essay

listen A Fine Line (1:11) Barbara doesn't like the military part of the program.


PART III: Prison Education

Roughly 50% of inmates sentenced to the Barnstable County jail did not graduate high school.

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Education & Recidivism


Reported and produced by Elizabeth White
Broadcast May 2007