Big Sisters

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Cape Cod and the Islands is a non-profit volunteer mentoring organization whose mission it is to match children from single parent homes with adult mentors in the community. Presently Big Brothers/Big Sisters has 400 children matched with adult mentors throughout Cape Cod and the Islands. 300 others are waiting to be matched, two-thirds of which are boys.

Jada Narcon and Cate Eaton were matched by the Outer Cape branch of the organization in January of last year. Recently, we invited them into our studio to interview each other on the experience of being in a Big Sister/ Little Sister relationship.

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Cate: I'm Cate Eaton. I'm 23 years old. And I've been a Big Sister since January with Jada the entire time.

Jada: My name is Jada Narcon. I am 13 years old. I live in Brewster, Massachusetts and I've been a Little Sister with Cate since January.

Cate: I have two sisters and a brother. My older sister Brooke is married and I have a brother- in-law Tim. I have a twin sister Christie. And I have a younger brother who is now engaged and living in California and it's very weird that my baby brother is engaged before I am.

Jada: My parents are divorced but my Mom kind of acts like kind of a mom and a dad to me. So I don't talk to him at all. He's not like a part of our family at all. I don't really see him. So I'm just used to me and my mom so it doesn't really bother me.

Cate: It was interesting because before I joined this I'd go home -- this is the first year I've been home since I've been at college. And I had to move home afterwords. And being on the Cape was boring. (laugh) So I was sitting there one day and I just said I need something i need to do. I'm here and my sisters are away, my brother's in California, I've got a couple friends down here but the rest of them are still in school and so I'm like, 'What am I going to do?' And my father was the one who was, like, 'Have you ever heard of Big Brothers/ Big Sisters?' And I said 'Yeah!'

Cate: So what was your first impression of me?

Jada: When you walked in I was like 'Wow" Because I had told my mom that I wanted someone young who I could relate to and talk to about the same things. So I thought, 'Wow, she's perfect for me!' You looked young and wore the same kind of style that I think I would have worn. And when I got talking it sounded like we did all the same things. Like you used to play sports and basketball. And then I like brought my rabbits in. And you held one. (laughter)

Cate: Your mom said, 'I'll let you guys get acquainted' and we sat there - I think it might have been one second - and then we started talking and we didn't stop for about an hour! I remember that and I thought "She's perfect!" I love that you're able to come to me and I love to have somebody there that I know thinks of me as a good listener and can come to me anytime they want. Just has my number and can call, looks up to me and can just do stuff together and be ourselves and goof off. I don't know -- it's just great.

Jada: It's like having an older friend because usually an older person hangs out with people their own age But to like find someone who's older and likes all the same things as me and is just like me and I can be myself and not feel like I have to act like I'm more mature.

Cate: If anything, I act immature!

Cate: If I recall somebody was correcting me on how to dance. My dancing was old school.
Jada: Yes, I remember that. You said that your cousin knew the Thriller dance and you were going to have her teach us sometime or something like that?
Cate: Oh yeah my cousin -- she does know the dance to Thriller.
Jada: She does?
Cate: Yes she does.
Jada: We should call her up and have her come over and teach us.
Cate: Oh, she will. She's good.
Jada: I can show it off and say 'Oh, I know the Thriller dance!"

Cate: So when you're older and when you're my age, do you think you're going to be a big sister?
Jada: Since I'm young now...when I'm like your age and have a sister like my age, the age I am now, like I know how it feels so you can look up to someone and like call your big sister. So I think it's like a good experience for everyone to have. So I'd like to look into it when I'm your age.

Cate: Jada won't qualify to be a little sister after...I want to say a year or so. It's up to a certain year. I'm not sure what age that is but I definitely think that we'll remain friends forever. You're stuck with me.
Jada: I think we'll just go back to the same routine: call each other up.
Cate: Yeah, we'll still act like we're Bigs and Littles.
Jada: Yeah.
Cate: It's a bond you can't break.
Jada: Yeah.
Cate: It just would be weird if be didn't talk.
Jada: It would be hard.
Cate: I know!

To find out more about how to get involved yourself with any aspect of becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister please call 508-771-5150 Centerville, 508-247-9107 Orleans, 508- 325-6423 Nantucket, 508-939-8668 Martha's Vineyard.

Broadcast August 24, 2006

Produced by Toby Wilson and Brian Morris

Music composed by Brian Morris.