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Basic Black LIVE Broadcast: After The 2010 Elections

Black Boston | Business | Politics

(Originally broadcast on November 4, 2010)  Basic Black looks at the results of the Massachusetts governor's race and the national midterm elections.

Basic Black: African American Muslims and The Radicalization Hearings

Black Boston | Politics

(Originally broadcast on March 18, 2011)  A Basic Black conversation:  African American Muslims and the Congressional Hearings on Radicalization in Islamic Communities. Were the hearings about minimizing a terror threat or demonizing a specific community? more

Basic Black Live: Uncle Tom in the 21st Century

Arts & Culture | Education | Politics

(Originally broadcast on March 25, 2011) 
Our topic this week: black “authenticity.” Grant Hill of the Phoenix Suns wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times in response to Jalen Rose, who accused him of being an Uncle Tom when Hill played for the basketball team at Duke University. This episode sparked a heated debate all across the internet; but in a deeper and more important sense, it also touched upon a familiar theme in African American life in regards to the question – what does it mean to be authentically black? And how do class distinctions contribute to the notion of black authenticity? more

Basic Black Live: Navigating The Afrosphere

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Politics | Science & Technology

(Originally broadcast on April 8, 2011) 
This week on Basic Black: The National Conference for Media Reform is being held in Boston this week so we turn our attention to people of color and social media. We’ll discuss how digital media has replaced or enhanced the work of traditional institutions such as churches or civil rights organizations in encouraging/organizing social activism; we’ll also look at recent trends in how African Americans in particular are using social media. more

Basic Black Live: The War Between the States and Sharpton v. West

Arts & Culture | Politics

(Originally broadcast on April 15, 2011) 

This week marks the official beginning of ceremonies marking the 150th Anniversary of The Civil War. How should African Americans look at the commemorations and historical re-tellings to come? Also, we'll examine the heated exchange between Rev. Al Sharpton and Cornel West over Barack Obama's leadership and whether he's done enough for communities of color.

Basic Black Live: African American Spirituality

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Politics

(Originally broadcast on December 16, 2011)

In a season of celebration and reflection for many religions and faiths, Basic Black presents "Sacred: African American Spirituality," a live conversation focusing on the spectrum of religious beliefs in the African American community, and how those beliefs have shaped its culture, politics and history. The show will also look at the rise of Islam amongst African Americans, the increasing adoption of Buddhism and Judaism, and the small but growing community of atheists, agnostics, and non-believers.

This special presentation was simulcast live on both WGBH's World channel and The Root, a leading online source of news and commentary from the African American perspective.

Basic Black: "Red Tails" and "Find Our Missing"

Arts & Culture | Politics

(Originally broadcast on January 20, 2012)

This week on Basic Black we take a look at recent entertainment media that aims to fill the gap in the African American experience: we’ll examine how the television program “Find Our Missing” focuses on searching for children of color who’ve vanished, and we’ll talk about the new George Lucas film “Red Tails” which looks at the achievements of the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II. 


Basic Black Live: A Conversation with Governor Deval Patrick

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Education | Politics

(Originally broadcast February 3, 2012)

Massachusetts' first African American Governor, Deval Patrick, sat down with Callie Crossley and Phillip Martin for a conversation on his autobiography, election 2012, community colleges, and more.


Basic Black: The Legacy of Soul Train; Battling Mental Illness in Communities of Color

Arts & Culture | Health | Politics

Originally broadcast on February, 10, 2012

A conversation on the legacy of Don Cornelius and the impact of Soul Train on music, media, dance, and African American empowerment. Also, a discussion on the disparities and taboos in treating mental health in communities of color.


Basic Black Live: The Link Between Poverty and Crime; Criticizing Obama

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Politics

(Originally broadcast on May 27, 2011)

Is there a link between poverty and prison? Also, criticism of President Obama comes from unexpected quarters, prompting the question, "How should people of color hold President Obama accountable?" In our online conversation after the broadcast, we discuss the end of an era and the cultural impact of Oprah Winfrey.


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