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Basic Black: Trump's Decision to Overturn DACA


October 13, 2017

The Trump administration announced the end of DACA --a program that had protected nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants. We look at Trump's decision to overturn DACA and what that means for the Dreamers. 


Basic Black Live: Looking At Race Through Arizona's Immigration Law and the USDA

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Politics

(Originally broadcast July 29, 2010)  For an entire week at the end of July 2010, the story of Shirley Sherrod dominated the news cycle. But what got lost in much of the media firestorm was the government agency at the center of the controversy.  Basic Black follows up with a look at the United States Department of Agriculture and its historically turbulent relationship with farmers of color. We’ll also take a look at events surrounding Arizona's immigration law as it goes into effect on July 29th.


Talking To Massachusetts Voters

Black Boston | Business | Education | Politics

Basic Black contributor Talia Whyte speaks with Massachusetts voters.


Project 351: Answering The Call To Service

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Education | Health | Politics

By Talia Whyte

Gov. Deval Patrick joined over 400 8th graders representing every city and town in Massachusetts Jan. 15 to commence his administration’s ambitious youth service day – Project 351.

The Casino Debate & Communities of Color

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Health | Politics

The recent controversy around NFL player Michael Vick's participation in dog fighting put a spotlight on the many gambling habits happening within high risk communities around the country. According to those who are against the Massachusetts casino proposal, they say casinos would only exacerbate problem gambling among those mostly affected, namely people of color and low income communities.



The World Cup and Soccer in the US

Arts & Culture | Health | Politics

Basic Black contributor Talia Whyte caught up with Alex Scott of the Boston Breakers to get a few thoughts on soccer in the US...


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