The Case for Black With a Capital B


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Haley House Bakery Café: Building Connections Through Food

Arts & Culture | Black Boston

For ten years the Haley House Bakery Café has been a meeting place for Roxbury residents to enjoy great food, gather as a community and build unlikely friendships and connections. 


Black on Campus at Boston College


Afua Laast of Boston College organized a 'Blackout' in solidarity with the students protesting the University of Missouri campus culture. she reflects on why campuses like Boston College need to show support to other colleges and universities struggling with race on campus.


Opioid Crisis: A New Approach to Addiction


Heroin overdose deaths nearly tripled between 2002 and 2013. Opioid painkillers have a direct link to heroin addiction. Although not mentioned enough, opiate abuse is widespread among communities of color. Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan, President and CEO of the Dimock Center; and Emily Stweart, Executive Director of Casa Esperanza tell us why the new approach to addiction is more effective for communities of color.


Matters of Race in the Courtroom


By Virginia DePina

Timothy Tyrone Foster, a Black man, was charged and convicted of the murder of an elderly white woman. Upon recent discovery, the prosecutor's notes in the case revealed markings indicating the race on four potential jurors who were dismissed through peremptory strikes. Foster was sentenced to death by an all white jury. 

Dehlia Umunna, Clinical Professor of Law from Harvard Law School explains the impact of race in a courtroom, particularly in jury selection. 


Millennials: Your Most Diverse Workforce


Forty-three percent of millennials are people of color. This makes them the most diverse generation in the workplace. However, there are challenges that millennials of color face that are unique to them. Krishna Powell, HR specialist(HR 4 Your Small Biz), discusses how millennials can benefit any business that is looking to grow. 


Nikki Giovanni: On Writing - 1975

Arts & Culture | Politics

 In a career that has spanned over 30 years, poet, professor and activist Nikki Giovanni is the author of 27 books, a Grammy nominee, and was recently named one of Oprah Winfrey's "25 Living Legends."  Giovanni is currently a University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.


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