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Basic Black Live: Black and Green

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Business | Politics

May 31, 2013

A recent audit by the state revealed that Massachusetts paid welfare benefits to 1,160 dead recipients. In spite of the fact that, in terms of dollars, this is a very tiny fraction compared to the size of the program, and the majority of welfare and food stamp assistance are white, we'll discuss why the stereotype of the "welfare queen" persists.  At the other end of the financial spectrum, we'll look at wealth: a recent report by Nielsen concluded that black spending power will reach $1 trillion dollars by 2015…but black wealth is declining.  What are the factors contributing to the disparity?


Basic Black After the Broadcast: For-profit colleges... who wins, who loses?

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Education

June 14, 2013

After the broadcast, the panel turned the discussion towars the topic of for-profit colleges.  Students of color are enrolling in for-profit colleges at a rate several times that of white students; many are foregoing the option of community college, even though it's a less expensive option.  The resulting debt incurred by these students can be crippling.  Why are for-profit colleges attracting students of color in such large numbers?

LISTEN: A report from the WGBH News Higher Education desk: Students Brace for Corinthian Shutdown



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