The Case for Black With a Capital B


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Basic Black: Players, Protests, and Politics

Arts & Culture | Politics

April 22, 2016

This week we'll kick off the show remembering the impact of the musical icon Prince.

And later in the show, as role models and celebrities in the spotlight, do professional athletes have a responsibility to let the world know that they think Black Lives Matter? We’ll look at the tradition of athlete activism from Jackie Robinson, to Muhammad Ali, to LeBron James. Joining Callie Crosley and Phillip Martin this week are Chris Collins, long time sports reporter for New England Cable News and Interim Associate Director of Athletics for External Business Developing and Marketing at UMass Boston and Peter Roby, Athletic Director of Northeastern University.


Photo credit: Associated Press.



Basic Black After The Broadcast: Fault Lines in Asian-American and African-American Relations

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Politics

April 29, 2016

Asian American police officer Peter Liang fatally shot African American Akai Gurley. The shooting has strained Asian American and African American relations. What’s the long term impact?



Black on Campus at Boston College


Afua Laast of Boston College organized a 'Blackout' in solidarity with the students protesting the University of Missouri campus culture. she reflects on why campuses like Boston College need to show support to other colleges and universities struggling with race on campus.


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