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Basic Black Live: Revisiting a "High-Tech" Lynching and The Politics of Language

Arts & Culture | Politics

(Originally broadcast on November 11, 2011)

Recently, conservative pundits have characterized the mainstream media’s treatment of Herman Cain as racist, even invoking the “high-tech lynching” image from the Thomas hearings. The left wing responded with charges of hypocrisy.

Do black conservatives really receive different treatment in the media than black liberals? Are liberals no more post-racial than the conservatives, but more subtle about showing it?

Our regular panel is joined by Ulli K. Ryder, Visiting Professor at Brown and Lecturer in Africana Studies, Simmons College; and Lionel McPherson, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Tufts University.

Basic Black Live: Teenage girls and violence

Black Boston | Health | Politics

April 13, 2013

Some very high-profile crimes, including the stabbing of a mother pushing her baby in a stroller, have heightened the awareness of young girls as perpetrators of violence; this within the month of April, which is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month and we're at the end of International Anti-Harassment Week.  This week on Basic Black, our conversation will look at young women on both ends of the spectrum of violence.


Basic Black After the Broadcast: Catcalls and Controversy

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Health | Politics

November 7, 2014

After the broadcast the conversation delved into the context of the Hollaback video,  with a discussion of the ways women of color are harassed and sexualized as well as the social media response to the issue, including the #YouOKSis and #DudesGreetingDudes campaigns on Twitter.

(Image: from the book 50 Stories About Stopping Street Harassers by Holly Kearl.)



Showing 1 through 3 of 3 results