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Basic Black Live: The Supreme Court Upholds the Affordable Care Act

Black Boston | Health | Politics

Originally broadcast June 29, 2012

June 28, 2012 was another historic milestone in the presidency of Barack Obama as the Supreme Court upheld the major provisions of his landmark legislation, the Affordable Care Act.  Basic Black explores the implications of the ruling for communities of color and the 2012 presidential election. Later in the show, a discussion of a more complicated Supreme Court ruling: Arizona’s SB1070, and its lingering impact on immigrant communities.


Basic Black: The "Fiscal Cliff" and Your Wallet

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Business | Politics

Originally broadcast December 7, 2012.

If no measures are taken, in less than a month the United States will "fall off the fiscal cliff." Among other things, this means that the Bush tax cuts and the payroll tax cut will expire, extended unemployment benefits will end, and Medicare would lose nearly $11 billion from its budget. Many experts believe that going over the cliff would lead to another recession. What does this mean for people of color? The middle class? The poor?


Youth Fighting Fat (Part Three): Empowered Youth, Empowered Communities

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Business | Health | Politics

The last video of a three-part series by Talia Whyte


Showing 1 through 3 of 3 results