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Basic Black: The State of the City, The State of the State, and The State of the Union

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Politics

(Originally broadcast on January 27, 2012)

This week on Basic Black: a discussion on the future of our communities from Boston to Washington, DC. We'll review the State of the City, the State of the State, and the State of the Union. For Boston, much of our discussion will center on the Mayor's proposals for school assignments; in Massachusetts, the organization of community colleges and the "three-strikes" law are drawing strong reaction; and as we look at how the State of the Union was received, we'll address recent events which seem to illustrate a shocking level of diminished respect for the Oval Office (and its current occupant).


Basic Black Live: A Conversation with Governor Deval Patrick

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Education | Politics

(Originally broadcast February 3, 2012)

Massachusetts' first African American Governor, Deval Patrick, sat down with Callie Crossley and Phillip Martin for a conversation on his autobiography, election 2012, community colleges, and more.


Basic Black After the Broadcast: For-profit colleges... who wins, who loses?

Arts & Culture | Black Boston | Education

June 14, 2013

After the broadcast, the panel turned the discussion towars the topic of for-profit colleges.  Students of color are enrolling in for-profit colleges at a rate several times that of white students; many are foregoing the option of community college, even though it's a less expensive option.  The resulting debt incurred by these students can be crippling.  Why are for-profit colleges attracting students of color in such large numbers?

LISTEN: A report from the WGBH News Higher Education desk: Students Brace for Corinthian Shutdown



Blacks and Basketball - 1975


Harvard Basketball coach Tom “Satch” Sanders sits at a picnic table by a busy neighborhood basketball court. He discusses the mobility of black basketball players to management and coaching positions on national teams, but greater black involvement in sports is stymied by financial strain, preventing the move from management to ownership.


Showing 1 through 4 of 4 results