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Basic Black: Gun Control and Communities of Color

February 1, 2013

As 2013 begins the national debate on gun control is in high gear.  Advocates from all sides  have descended on Washington, DC to sway a divided Congress to their side.  But the action isn't limited to the halls of Congress; the persistent issue of gun control is also being debated in local communities across the country.  And for communities historically battered by gun violence, the conversation takes on an increased intensity.

Our panel this week:
- Latoyia Edwards, anchor, New England Cable News
- Kim McLarin, assistant professor of writing, literature and publishing, Emerson College
- Phillip Martin, senior reporter, 89.7 WGBH Radio
- Peniel Joseph, professor of history, Tufts University
- Lionel McPherson, associate professor, philosophy, Tufts University

Image source: Change Liu/Flickr