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Basic Black After the Broadcast: The Black Church and Gay Marriage

(Originally streamed June 1, 2012)

With President Obama’s support of same sex marriage the black church finds itself on the front page of a national conversation about its identity, relevance, and impact. Will support for Obama's presidential bid fade in the upcoming election? Has the church adequately addressed the needs of a younger generation? Is this an opportunity for new voices to emerge in the evolution of the black church?

Our panelists:
- Callie Crossley, host and executive editor, The Callie Crossley Show, 89.7 WGBH Radio
- Kim McLarin, assistant professor of writing, literature and publishing, Emerson College
- Emmett Price III, author, The Black Church and Hip Hop Culture, assistant professor of music and - African American Studies, Northeastern University
- Rev. Paul Robeson Ford, Senior Pastor, Union Baptist Church, Cambridge, MA
- Michael Curry, president, Boston chapter of the NAACP