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Hill Harper, Actor & Author






A Conversation with Hill Harper 

by Talia Whyte


Hill Harper is an actor and best-selling author who is best known for his role as Sheldon Hawkes on the popular show CSI: NY. He was a panelist at the Lincoln Centennial town hall meeting at Northeastern University on Oct. 3. Harper is a graduate of Brown University, Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Law School, where he befriended fellow student Barack Obama. During his years at Harvard, he was a full-time member of Boston's Black Folks Theater Company, one of the oldest and most acclaimed black theater troupes in the country.
Harper said that acclaimed actor Paul Robeson is one of his role models.
“He was an activist, actor and entertainer like me,” Harper said. “You should look up to people – living or dead – who raise the bar and try to make a difference in the world.”