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A Conversation with U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo: Marathoner and Fitness Advocate

April 18, 2014

U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo has been running since she was a school girl in Zimbabwe and South Africa.  She continued to run when she came to Massachusetts for college.  U-Meleni is not unlike an evangelist when it comes to encouraging people of color (folks of all walks) to run and experience the benefits of working out.  In fact, her son can boast of winning medals in his own right at the tender age of three.  In 2012, U-Meleni ran the Boston Marathon as a way of processing her feelings upon learning that her mother had cancer and to raise money for a local school.  This year, U-Meleni is thankful that her mother is cancer-free, and she’ll be on the side-lines to cheer her brother-in-law as he runs the 118th Boston Marathon.

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