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Basic Black Live July 6, 2012: Election 2012

Coming up on July 6, 2012

July 6 marks four months to the day that the country will elect the president of the United States. We close this season of Basic Black with an exploration of questions going into the 2012 presidential election including:
Has African American support diminished for President Obama?  How strongly has opposition to an Obama second term grown in light of the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act? What will be the impact of recent decisions (President Obama and Supreme Court) concerning immigration? Is Michelle Obama a secret weapon in the president’s re-election campaign arsenal?  Will there be any surprises from the upcoming conventions?

Our panel:
- Callie Crossley, host and executive editor, The Callie Crossley Show, 89.7 WGBH Radio
- Phillip Martin, senior reporter, WGBH Radio
- Kim McLarin, cultural commentator and assistant professor of creative writing, Emerson College
- Peniel Joseph, professor of history and co-founder of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, Tufts University