The Case for Black With a Capital B



History Restored: The African Meeting House | Boston, MA (part 5)

by Bridgit Brown

The Black Heritage Trail begins in the African Meeting House on Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts. It also intersects, along the way, with the Boston Freedom Trail.

On Tuesday, December 6, 2011, Beverly Morgan-Welch, and the staff of The Museum of African American History rededicated the newly restored African Meeting House. This was also the building’s 205th Anniversary.

As history states, Harriet Tubman, conductor of The Underground Railroad, which ran through Beacon Hill, spoke at the African Meeting House. William Lloyd Garrison spoke tongues of fire from its stage. “A Plea for Speech” by Frederick Douglass was uttered from a lectern on the stage there as well, and many others have and will continue to speak at the African Meeting House.

I was overwhelmed with great pride and joy when I finally saw the completed project. If my words stumbled on camera, it was because my tongue, literally, cleaved to the roof of my mouth in astonishment at the beauty of the place. Not only has history been restored. It was also made.

I thank Governor Deval Patrick, Senator John Kerry, Beverly A. Morgan-Welch, the dedicated staff at the Museum of African American History, and the public for their tenacious support of this project.

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