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Using food as a racial metaphor



Immigrants are Considered Outsiders - 1978

The program examines bilingual education in Boston. Host Melvin Moore speaks with Raffael De Gruttala (Director of Bilingual Education in Boston), Stephanie Fan (Teacher in Charge at the Bilingual Education Department), David Cortiella (of El Comite De Padres), and Ray Almeida (community advocate for bilingual and multicultural education and proponent of Cape Verdian education in Massachusetts) about the nature of transitional bilingual education, what a bilingual education consists of, which children have a right to be served by the city, the different responsibilities of the Boston School Committee and the Bilingual Education Department, claims that bilingual education is a threat to desegregation, the extent to which problems related to bilingual education have been addressed in the community, and the response of the Bilingual Department and the School Committee.

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