The Case for Black With a Capital B



Basic Black Live: Lessons from the Lives of LeBron James and Oscar Grant

(Originally broadcast July 15, 2010)   On Thursday, July 8, 2010, two young African American men on opposite coasts were on the world stage for very different reasons. One, a basketball phenom, brought the world of sports to a standstill awaiting his announcement of where he would playing ball next season; the other, whose death was captured on a camera phone, brought protesters into the streets of Oakland after the verdict of the policeman who shot him. Basic Black looks at the image of African American men in contemporary society as we explore the similarities and differences in the lives of LeBron James and Oscar Grant.

Our panel: Latoyia Edwards, anchor, New England Cable News; Callie Crossley, host of The Callie Crossley Show, WGBH Radio; Phillip Martin, senior investigative reporter, WGBH Radio; and Kim McLarin, writer-in-residence, Emerson College.