massmouth, inc.


Norah Dooley, storyteller and co-founder of massmouth, inc. tells us about how storytelling changed her life:

"I heard my first storyteller in graduate school.  For her final project, she presented the story of her abusive relationship with no props, no visuals, no costumes, no notes, no lights, no staging - just a story.  We were all spellbound and by the end of it, totally speechless. I promptly changed my major, wrote my Master’s thesis on storytelling and have been a professional storyteller ever since. These days, we make art (tell stories), where it is least expected.  On street corners, coffee shops, and orchards we create a truly unique opportunity for strangers to stop, listen, share their own stories and come together."

massmouth, Inc.

Our mission is to renew and promote the timeless art of storytelling in Massachusetts through live performance, education and social media; to cultivate new audiences and support new storytellers while we return storytelling to its rightful place as a recognized art form.  We host events where real estate agents, lawyers, teachers, scientists, homeschooling moms, journalists, grad students, artists and professional storytellers - nearly a thousand people in all - come to bare their souls on topics ranging from “supernatural” events, to rolling on “wheels”, to “Cupid’s” antics. Additionally, we organize the only inter-mural high school story slam project and other workshops throughout the year. Our goal is to enable anyone, in any walk of life, to tell his/her story.

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