Mass. Dems: GOTV Key To State Victories

By Adam Reilly

Nov. 6, 2010

BOSTON — In an election that saw Democrats nationwide suffer major losses, Massachusetts Democrats kept the governorship – every statewide office – and all 10 congressional seats. At a press conference in Charlestown today, Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh analyzed his party’s victories.

Walsh said Gov. Deval Patrick’s re-election holds an important lesson for Democrats across the country.

The key, Walsh said, was a massive get-out-the-vote effort in which 20,000 volunteers knocked on 800,000 doors.

"That kind of communication is the kind of communication we’ve relied on as a society, that personal interaction. Too much we’ve conceded the fact that we all go home and shut the door and turn on the clicker and sit by ourselves," Walsh said. "Talking to each other – that’s what people want."

Meanwhile, Massachusetts Republican chair Jennifer Nassour says gains in the state legislature show that the GOP is on the right track.

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