Oct. 20: Executioner's Goulash Anyone?

By Brian McCreath

We've been featuring concert recordings from the Czech Philharmonic each Wednesday at 2pm on 99.5 All Classical during October, and for today, it's the Carnival Overture by Dvorak and Taras Bulba by Janacek, conducted by Eliahu Inbal at the beautiful Rudolfinum in Prague.  (You can read previous posts here and here.)

And if I could, I would instantly transport you to Prague for a meal to go along with these performances.  I was there with an amazing group of 99.5 All Classical supporters on a WGBH LearningTour (next stop:  Spain!), and we found what felt like the perfect place for an after-concert repast.  The restaurant U Mecanase (left, courtesy Steve's Travel Guides, and below, courtesy U Mecanase) was just around the corner from our hotel (the fabulous Aria Hotel, to be specific), and it's the home of Goulash Jan Mydlarr, or more popularly known as Goulash Prague Executioner Style.  Quite delicious.  The story is that, lo, those many years ago, when executions happened on a regular basis, and in quite gruesome manner, the executioner had to eat alone so nobody knew who he was (and I'm assuming it was a he).  His restaurant of choice was this very same U Mecanase, and his dish of choice was this particular recipe for goulash.  How much of that is history and how much of that is legend never really became clear to our group, but it definitely added to the local color.

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