Census Shows Minority Gains In Mass.

By Jess Bidgood and Ben Taylor

Mar. 22, 2011

BOSTON — U.S. Census figures released Tuesday show significant gains in Massachusetts' minority populations.

Both the state's Asian and Hispanic populations grew by 46 percent, while the state's black population grew by 26 percent. 

The white population decreased slightly, by 1.9 percent.

Cities w/ Largest Increase Pop.   Net Gain    % Gain
Boston 617,594 28,453 4.83
Worcester 181,045 8,397 4.86
Plymouth 56,468 4,767 9.22
Largest Decrease Pop.  Net Loss % Loss
Fall River 88,857 -3,081 -3.35
Dennis 14,207 -1,766 -11.06
Somerville 75,754 -1,724 -2.23
A chart of the Massachusetts cities with the greatest population growth and loss over the past decade, ranked according to net change in number of residents.

Earlier on Tuesday, Sec. of State William Galvin announced Boston's population had decreased, but the Menino administration disputed his figures.

A spokesman for Galvin said Boston had gained in population, and Springfield had not lost the 150,000 residents initially reported this morning.

Boston experienced the greatest population growth by far of any Massachusetts city, adding more than 28,000 residents. Most large towns and cities grew as well, though more modestly, with Worcester, Plymouth, Revere and Lawrence all adding around 4,000 residents.

Middlesex County saw some of the most sustained increase, especially in Cambridge, which grew by over 3,800, even as Somerville lost some 1,700 residents. The towns of Fall River and Dennis shrunk the most, while Barnstable County lost 2.9% of its total population, the most significant drop of any county.

The data may be used to help lawmakers decide how to redraw the state's Congressional Districts, since data released earlier this year by the U.S. Census showed that Massachusetts did not keep pace with population growth in the rest of the country, so would lose a Congressional seat.

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