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Breakfast Special - A Hot Dog Program - Sandwiches That You Will Like

From whimsical filmmaker Rick Sebak, three shows with taste will bring a smile to your face:

Breakfast Special is a celebration of going out for a morning meal in America. Sebak visits interesting and unusual breakfast spots to show that there’s more to breakfast than a bowl of cold cereal!

A Hot Dog Program visits some of the nation's coolest hot dog places, such as a giant hot dog-shaped building, and stops at some crazy late-night stands and to see how hot dogs are made. Find out how and when hot dogs became the country’s most popular food!

Across the US you will find Sandwiches That You Will Like. Have a pastrami in New York City. Sample a Maid Rite "loosemeat" in Iowa, a chipped ham "Slammer" in Pittsburgh. How about barbecued brisket in Texas? Or Italian beef in Chicago? Try a muffuletta and several shrimp and oyster po-boys in New Orleans. And see why folks in Buffalo go for a beef-on-weck while people in Louisville love a Hot Brown. It’s America between two slices of bread!

Tuck in tonight starting at 8pm on WGBH 2. More airings

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Image credit: iStockphoto/svariophoto

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