Your Stories: Shane In Lynn

By Shane in Lynn

March 29

LYNN -- My wife and I work in health care, so we really haven't suffered in this economy. We bought our first home in Lynn last year, by the beach area, and we love it. But what I've noticed in Lynn is that many houses are for sale and it seems like the same houses have been on sale for a couple of years now.

I don't know for certain, but I think less people are buying homes in Lynn and more and more are renting. And the one's who are selling, seem to be having a difficult time in selling their homes. Back in the 80's, downtown Lynn suffered some magor big fires. At the same time, malls in Danvers and Peabody were becoming the Northshores'new destination for shopping. Downtown Lynn never recovered from the malls in surrounding towns and communties.

However, downtown Lynn does have a thriving spanish community who have open their own little corner stores and resturants everywhere. The food is great and I find the hispanic community in Lynn to be hard working, very friendly, and determined to achieve the American dream of owning your own business and home. So downtown Lynn is still in transformation. Many new reasturants like the Blue Ox and many very popular spanish resturants like La Fe and Rincon Macorisano are thriving in business. The Lynnway is still a big destination for auto-sales.

But I guess to sum it up here, Lynn is rich in diversity and is mostly a middle class working small city. The crime rate is not as high as some think it is. In fact, for a city of over 89,000 citizens, Lynn's crime rate is actually normal for a city of it's size. Anyways, most importantly, Lynn is where I was born and is where I live now. I would have it no other way :)

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