With Romney's Lead, N.H. GOP Race Differs From Nation's

By Sarah Birnbaum

Sept. 23, 2011

BOSTON — According to a poll from Suffolk University published this week, Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is surging ahead in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential primary.  
A new poll from WHDH TV and Suffolk University shows Romney leading Texas Governor Rick Perry In New Hampshire by 33 points. 41 percent of likely voters there say they’ll vote for Romney or are leaning towards him.
According to the poll, Romney’s nearest competitor in the Granite State is Texas Rep. Ron Paul with 14 percent of the vote, followed by former Utah Gov. Joh Huntsman with ten percent. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who tops the national polls, comes in a distant fourth with 8% of the vote.
Tufts University Political Science Professor Jeff Berry says Romney needs to win New Hampshire if he wants a shot at the GOP nomination.
“It’s absolutely crucial for him. Most likely he will lose in Iowa. He didn’t perform well there last time around. He’s not making a major effort there. Now it looks like its going to be a Perry state. And the state after New Hampshire, which also looks like a Perry state. So if Romney were to lose New Hampshire his campaign might be over,” Berry said.

Berry says that Romney’s lead in New Hampshire isn’t that surprising. It’s next door to Massachusetts, where he was governor, and he owns a summer home in the lake town of Wolfeboro.
“It’s more surprising that Perry is doing so badly. It might not seem like an ideal Perry state. The Republican party in New Hampshire is a bit more moderate than Iowa or South Carolina. But at eight percent, it makes you wonder if there’s a part of the Republican party that’s gonna reject Governor Perry,” Berry said.
The candidates debate tonight in Florida,//are campaigning now in Florida where a new Quinnipiac University poll shows Perry leading the pack. 
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