Will Occupy Boston Go The Way of N.Y.?

By WGBH News


Nov. 15, 2011

occupy boston

Occupy Boston protesters march in early November. What do they expect now? (David Hill/Flickr)

BOSTON —  The eviction of the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York is raising new questions about how long Mayor Tom Menino will let Occupy Boston stay in Dewey Square downtown.
Occupy Wall Street volunteer K. Eric Martin said Boston police were refusing to let protesters bring in new supplies for winter — a move he claimed would put protesters at risk.
“In speaking with the police commissioner and speaking with fire marshals, their No. 1 concern, as they’ve stated, has always been safety. They want to make sure that as we’re occupying, we’re doing it in a safe manner,” he told WGBH’s Adam Reilly. “[But] then to hear directly from a police officer that they don’t want us bringing in winter tents and they don’t want us bringing in items of insulation — it’s very clear that they don’t care about our safety and it’s not fair.”
A Boston police spokeswoman said the BPD had indeed banned new construction, including winter tents, at the Occupy Boston site due to safety concerns.

The Boston group is moving beyond the downtown occupation, Occupy Boston media volunteer Jason Potteiger said on “The Emily Rooney Show.” They're setting up a website “to move the discussion to the suburbs,” Potteiger said. "We really are in Phase 2 of the movement."

Potteiger himself is in a new phase as well: He's left Boston and  found his dream job in New York, working in advertising, "in one of the skyscrapers overlooking Occupy," he said.

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