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Wendy Lement, Producer at Wheelock Family Theatre, reflects on the significance of audience experience:
“In the 1980’s, I was riveted by the telecast of The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. I was particularly struck by how the actors shifted scenes seamlessly in full view of the audience. The staging gave the illusion of simplicity, but in reality it was a complex, well-choreographed dance. That production influenced my approach to directing. I strive to immerse the audience in the world of the play from the moment they enter the theatre. Whether directing a highly stylized play or one that’s realistic, it’s important to me that the concept supports the story, and that the design elements support the acting. Most of all, I want audiences of all ages to view the world and their place in it from a fresh perspective.”

Photo: Mickey Golden 

Wheelock Family Theatre
200 The Riverway
Boston, MA 02215 
The mission of Wheelock Family Theatre is rooted in the interaction between the theatre experience, the construction of meaning in the lives of the artists who create it and the audience members who sustain it.  We believe live theatre has the power to transform.  Our intention is simple, yet demanding – to make theatre a vital force in people’s lives.
We make quality theatre accessible to all in the Boston community.  Our commitment to reasonably priced theatre makes full access a reality rather than a catchphrase.  We mount productions at the highest standards we can attain, entertain the public, and challenge designers, directors, and actors simultaneously.
Through our education program, we provide young people with the opportunity to participate in theatre as audience and artist.  Ourfaculty of theatre educators helps students of different ages, ethnicities, abilities and experience develop and grow as artists and people. 
We produce family-oriented drama, classics, musicals, and original work.  Colorful casting is central to our mission; it allows us to feature multi-cultural and intergenerational casts – a true reflection of our audience. 
The Wheelock Family Theatre is more than a sum of its productions and classes, more than the intentions of its founders.  It is a professional institution where artists want to work, young people want tolearn, audience members want to go, and where all feel respected and valued.

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