What does the Farm Bill mean for you?

By Jared Bowen

Jan. 26, 2012


This weekend in Boston politicians and food activist will come together to discuss legislation affecting U.S. farming. (NathanF/Flickr)

BOSTON—The journey food takes is more complex than a single path from farm to plate. Every five years politicians in Washington reconsider legislation that affects the food we eat and the price we pay for it. With the last Farm Bill expiring this year, food is once again the focus in Washington.

As part of its Let's Talk About Food initiative, the Museum of Science will host a "teach-in" about the Farm Bill this Sunday, January 29th. Hear from Maine congresswoman Chellie Pingree, sponsor of a new bill called The Local Farm, Food, and Jobs Act, designed to make food production and sales easier for small farms. Also speaking is Dr. Marion Nestle, professor at NYU's Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health and author of the book Food Politics.

Let’s Talk About Food founder Louisa Kasdon and local Farm Aid representative Hilde Steffey visited Greater Boston this week to explain what impact the Farm Bill could have on your grocery bills.

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