Warren Raises $3M, Offers Some Empathy To Wall St. Protesters

By WGBH News


Oct. 12, 2011

BOSTON — Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren, the frontrunner for a nomination she officially began seeking less than a month ago, reports raising over $3 million in her race against Sen. Scott Brown — but acknowledges she has a ways to go before she can rival Brown's $10-million-plus campaign chest.

"I know it takes money to run a race," Warren said during an interview with WGBH's Emily Rooney on Wednesday.

As she continues her fundraising efforts, the Harvard Law professor and consumer advocate says she's sympathetic to the Occupy Boston demonstration and larger Occupy Wall street movement that has led thousands of protestors to camp out in public places across the country, protesting inequality — although Warren added she does not condone breaking the law.

“I’ve been fighting this fight for years now. I think it’s about accountability, that the folks on Wall Street brought our economy to the edge of collapse,” Warren said.

Along with unemployment, Warren said she is concerned about low wages.
“Ordinary families are out there hurting and Washington is not getting itself organized to work for them,” Warren said. “Washington is rigged to work for those who can hire armies of lobbyists and armies of lawyers.”

On Tuesday, the Massachusetts Republican party released an ad criticizing Warren for being, in the ad's words, overly "divisive." The ad used footage of a viral video in which Warren explained why successful business owners should, in her view, give back to the country through taxes.

Warren told Rooney she doesn't want to be viewed as anti-capitalist."“Fair rules of the road, good rules of the road—that’s what makes capitalism thrive," Warren said.

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