WGBH Kitchen Crew: Blueberry and Peach Prosecco Soup

By Lisa Byrne

"By Lisa Byrne:

The peaches when I tested this recipe were not bursting ripe and succulent. However, the recipe was delightfully refreshing and simple to prepare. It was not too sweet and the mint hinted at the coming summer months. The peaches were so firm in fact that I wondered if the dessert might be more interesting in a slushy presentation so I blended the mix and froze for an hour. (Let’s just say that the texture was not so pleasing!) The dessert sat for two hours in my refrigerator before two good friends sampled it and loved it. The peaches had softened somewhat, “exactly the way we like them,” they said.

Note: When I was selecting the prosecco for this recipe, the helpful store clerk suggested that I might be interested in purchasing wild hibiscus flowers in syrup from Australia. Apparently you place a flower in a champagne flute, add a sparkling beverage similar to prosecco, and the edible flower opens. He said it was “elegant.” I couldn’t resist!

By Ann Trieger:

I loved it! Very simple and elegant if served in beautiful glassware, but still wonderful even in a plastic bowl.

I used organic peaches from Mexico that were quite ripe but tarter than I expected. The blueberries, from the US, were also semi-sweet.

I used Zardetto Prosecco to marinate the ingredients. The Zardetto was light and crisp with some apple flavors but also slightly creamy.

After the ingredients marinated, it was evident that the powdered sugar took only a slight edge off the tanginess of the fruit-prosecco-lemon-orange juice combination. That’s where the ice cream comes in. It was an important ingredient — especially for people with a sweet tooth — because of the tartness of the fruit. Perhaps later in the summer when the fruits are sweeter, the ice cream won’t be so necessary to boost the flavors and sweeten this dessert. Without the ice cream, the dessert, with the hint of mint, was a little tart for me but still delicious, very refreshing and palate-cleansing.

This was so easy to put together. It’s a great finale to a meal, especially if you’re throwing a last-minute dinner together for unexpected guests."

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