Update: Cambridge Gallery Shows Work Of Bruce Stuart

By Phillip Martin

A shot from Bruce Stuart's exhibition at the Pierre Menard Gallery. (Phillip Martin/ WGBH)

Jan. 24, 2011

BOSTON — Bruce Stuart, who spent 10 years living on the streets of Harvard Square, has a home now.

And over the weekend, drawings by this Vietnam veteran, profiled last week in WGBH's series "Recognizing Bruce," were exhibited at an art gallery in Harvard Square. 
Etchings by Bruce Stuart now hang on the wall of the Pierre Menard Gallery in an exhibition titled “Bruce Stuart, Oneiric Cartographies,” a phrase pertaining to dreams.  

Over the course of the exhibition's Saturday night opening reception, about fifty people braved the cold to view Stuart’s work.

Dan McLaughlin, a Somerville based artist, was one of them. 

"It was beautiful.  Really generous, really involved. I think that calling it Oneiric Cartographies, it is like a dream. It’s a  a very particular dream. And it was really beautiful to enter into it," McLaughlin said. "And I was really glad for the generosity in him showing it. It’s really something."


The exhibition is open to the public until February 8th at the Pierre Menard Gallery. 

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