Twenty Charged In Dorchester Cocaine Ring

By Sarah Birnbaum

Dec. 2, 2010

BOSTON — Boston police officials say they’ve penetrated a long-running Dorchester-based drug operation, charging 20 people Thursday with conspiracy and distribution of cocaine and crack.

State, local and federal authorities say 43-year old Michael Williams is the alleged leader of the so-called Greenwood Street Gang, a violent drug ring that's operated for more than two decades. Flanked by weapons, more than 20 kilos of cocaine and piles of ill-gotten cash, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said the group used family members to distribute cocaine throughout Boston neighborhoods.

“What we determined was because he primarily used members of his own family, it was very difficult to infiltrate that organization.  It took the concerted effort of the federal government and local government to pull this case together,” Davis said.

Police say a cooperating witness helped them break the case, and that wiretaps were used to gather evidence.

 Davis said the arrest of the accused drug family is significant progress for the crime-plagued Dorchester section of the city.

“This will take a significant  chunk out of the distribution network in the Franklin field, Greenwood area.  There’s no question about it," Davis said. "This is a big step for the city of Boston, and in particular the area of Greenwood street.”

If convicted, the suspects face anywhere from 10 years to life in federal prison.

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