Turkey Sausage Pilaf, step by step

By Cathy Huyghe

"The thing about a Ming Tsai recipe is how wonderfully the aroma of ingredients fill the kitchen. For this recipe, it was the ginger hitting the warm canola oil, and later the white wine to deglaze the pan. Why I don’t use those ingredients more often in my cooking, I do not know. For the white wine, I chose the 2008 Vendemmia Coenobium ($27) from Lazio in Italy, which I’d picked up a few weeks ago at a very special tasting with winemaker Giampiero Bea at The Wine Bottega in the North End.

Making this recipe took one trip to the grocery store, one knife, one pan, and one hour. There was also only one substitution of ingredients: my grocery store doesn’t carry turkey sausage, so I swapped out chicken sausage.

The photos below take you through this recipe, step by step."

Wine Bottega

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