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You've heard our stories and interviews on Planet Takeout. Now it’s time to show us just how much you love Chinese food to go. Grab your camera, large or small, and head to your favorite spot. Show us your view of Chinese takeout and we’ll share it with the world!

Challenge #1
STREET VIEWS: Show us your favorite takeout as seen from the street.

Every Thursday we’ll ask for a different takeout shot. Get your photos to us by noon of the following Wednesday. We’ll share our favorites during the week and post the winner on Wednesday afternoon.
Here’s what to do:

1. Take your best shot! Keep it simple, but be as creative as you like.

2. Share it with us in one of these ways:
            -- On Flickr, tag your photo #planettakeout and add it to our Flickr group
            -- Use the same take on Instagram or Twitter
            -- Or email it to us:

3. Make sure to include the name and location

4. Cross your fingers, have an egg roll, and stay tuned!

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