Tracking Our #maheritage

If you're on Twitter, you might have noticed a new trending topic for Boston on Thursday -- #maheritage. That's the tag folks around the state are using to label their tweeted reminiscences about growing up in Massachusetts. It's a story both about obscure Massachusetts trivia (and who doesn't love that?!) and new media's ability to turn a little spark into a conflagration. David Bernstein, of the Boston Phoenix, said he started the hashtag by accident on Tuesday. He tweeted a link about a UNESCO project attempting to preserve "intangible cultural heritage," and wondered what that meant in Massachusetts. "As it turns out," Bernstein said, "the whole 'intangible cultural heritage' idea is way too complicated to explain on Twitter, so the thread ended up turning anything that has been part of the shared Massachusetts experience." And it just kept going. Check out the thread below, add your own tweets, and join the Emily Rooney show at noon Thursday to discuss it all.


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