Tips for Boston Restaurant Week

March 20,2012

BOSTON — There is still time to take advantage of Restaurant Week in Boston. The city's best restaurants are offering patrons great dishes and prix fixe selections until March 30th.

Search the event website for restaurant listings by neighborhood, time of day or cuisine and fine special offers, like the free glass of wine with dinner or a tasting menu, or "lamb swag" from Clink to promote their Red Cooked Lamb Sandwich.(You can vote here for your favorite lamb dish.) Thanks to the great weather, several places have thrown open their patios, so rush to your fave outdoor spot!

While Restaurant Week could be a boon for the industry and a bargain for patrons, it's not all about savings. The Spoonful of Ginger event on March 26th is organized to raise money for the Joslin Asian American Diabetes Initiative and is hosted at the Museum of Fine Art.

Dave Andleman, CEO of Phantom Gourmet, Inc., and President of the Restaurant and Business Alliance in Boston, said Restaurant Week is a good time to take advantage of getting out to a restaurant you may not otherwise try because of the price, but it's good for restaurants, too, as they have been hit hard by the economic downturn and an increase in the Meal Tax in 2009.

If you do take advantage of this special kind of March madness, take a few tips from the website and from Andleman:

> Make your reservations during Restaurant Week as early as possible, they tend to go fast.
> Reserve at ONE place per meal to give others a chance to get the reservations they want.
> Finally, remember to tip according to what your meal is valued at, rather than on the deal.

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