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With the start of the Tanglewood season, WCRB Classical New England has also made some changes in our program schedule to bring you even more great music produced right here in New England – from our Boston studios to the venerable Koussevitzky Music Shed at Tanglewood, as well as the myriad New England summer music festivals the dot our region.    

Summertime or not, Laura Carlo will continue waking you up each weekday morning at 5 am, but we've moved The Writer's Almanac to 6:30am, where you will find it now six days a week (including Saturdays!) at that time.  And if you're a fan of the show, you've probably noticed that host Garrison Keillor is also on a "summer schedule," with poet Billy Collins filling in as guest host of the show until Labor Day.

At 10am, our genial midday host Alan McLellan has great music all the way until 3pm each weekday, with continued recent concert performances on Café Europa at noon and a check in wtih the WGBH Newsroom on the 1 O'Clock Report. Cathy Fuller is also your drive-home companion deeper into the night now, playing great selections from our amazing 90,000-recording-strong library of CDs, concert recordings, and sessions recorded in our Fraser Performance Studio.  

And every Friday at 3pm, Cathy and Ron Della Chiesa will get together for the Tanglewood Turnpike, our summertime review of the week's highlights from the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (including a performance or two from the Shed), and preview of the weekend's activities. Ron and Cathy will again be bringing you every big weekend concert from Tanglewood: Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm, and Sunday afternoons at 2pm.

Our popular evening host James David Jacobs, by contrast, will start an hour earlier, starting at 8pm and staying with you until midnight, Monday through Thursday.  And we're thrilled to announce that James will begin each of his thoughtfully-constructed programs with the Symphony at Eight, designed to pair a cornerstone work of the repertory with a landmark recording.  And while you're listening to James's exquisite selections, check out his invariably fascinating posts about the works on our Facebook page.  

To accommodate these changes, Performance Today will no longer air during the weekdays, but you will be able to enjoy the program on Saturday evenings after the Tanglewood broadcasts.  We're also delighted to add the popular Piano Puzzler feature between PT host Fred Child and pianist Bruce Adolphe, which you'll now be able to hear every Saturday at noon. You can also check out the Piano Puzzler podcast any time.

For our complete new summertime schedule, visit our playlist. Let us know what you think in the comments, and thanks for listening!

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